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Maidenhead Group Personal Training Gym Specialising Helping Locals Lose Weight, Tone Up & Feel Better

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What Makes ICON Different


Our unique gym nurtures a culture of care. We believe that when we support you every step of the way, you are more likely to succeed long term. This is why our knowledgeable team focus on you every single time we see you.


Our friendly and welcoming community is like a family. We encourage a supportive non-judgmental atmosphere to help you every step of the way as you get fitter, stronger and achieve your heath goals.


Getting fit and healthy can be fun. We like to make fitness part of your every day lifestyle. When you enjoy exercise it's much easier to stay motivated long term and achieve long term weight loss and fitness results.

Your Plan for Success


Apply for our 28-Day Challenge

Simply apply for our 28-Day Challenge so we can show you just how different we are and how we can help you achieve your goals.


Meet the Team

Come and meet the ICON team, experience the way we do things and take the first step towards a fitter, healthier and stronger you.


Follow the Plan

When you follow our ICON-ic fitness system you will see your body start to lose weight, tone up and increase your energy levels and self confidence.


Stay on Track

Helping you succeed long term is our main goal. We focus on helping you stay motivated and on track.

Here’s What Others Have to Say

Jane . W

“I joined ICON in February after spending a year trying to recover from shoulder surgery. I was sceptical that after years of shoulder pain and still not being pain free after surgery, that anything could be done. ICON is like no other gym I have been to before. It’s friendly, social and great fun. Six months on I have dropped weight, toned up but most importantly in the school holidays was able to go rock climbing and paddle boarding with my kids – no aches and pains – fully fit!”

Jane . W

Leah Parr

“It’s like no other gym - focused, small group training with different exercises each time means that you are always learning and being pushed to do that little bit more than you think you’re capable of. Incredible coaches, fantastic space and equipment and the best vibe ever! Would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.”

Leah Parr

Leisa Houlder

“If you need motivation and a fun workout, then look no further! ICON Gym has it all. It caters to all level of fitness in a fun environment. The coaches take an interest in each person as an individual. The staff make me feel like I am with family. They help to build my confidence so I can go by myself without any fear. The coaches always have a happy smile to cheer you up.”

Leisa Houlder

How ICON Gym Can Help You

Many People Struggle With Motivation, Time and Energy to Exercise Consistently.

We created a simple and effective fitness and nutrition system to help you get fit, lose weight and feel better while fitting into your busy schedules, so YOU have more energy, confidence and can enjoy life.

ICON Gym in Maidenhead was created to help locals achieve a wide range of fitness goals including:

  • Weight loss
  • Toning up
  • Getting stronger
  • Improved fitness

ICON Gym is a friendly non-judgmental environment that focuses on a holistic approach to fitness, personalised to your goals and unique situation so you can achieve the best result for your effort.

ICON gym offers group personal training sessions in Maidenhead. Every session is designed with your results in mind. Every step of the way you will be supported by one of our expert personal trainers who will help motivate you and encourage you to become part of our positive empowering community.


When you become fitter and healthier while eating a diet that helps support your body you will have more energy, motivation and may see a decrease in every day aches and pains. This means you can enjoy everyday life more. 


Whether your goal is to lose weight, fit in to your clothes more comfortably or feel fitter and stronger we can help you succeed. When you start to see results you will feel more confident, more attractive and and comfortable in your own skin. 


Helping you achieve your goals is our main aim. With the expert advice from our team of coaches and support of the ICON community you will find staying motivated and focused on your goals is easier than ever. 

Take the First Step to a Fitter You, Apply for Your 28-Day Challenge Today