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ICON Gym Will Help You Get Fit and Feel More Confident

  • Have you trained with a Personal Trainer before but struggled to stay motivated long term or get the results you wanted?
  • Maybe you've been a member of a gym and just didn't feel supported or cared for?

Getting fit and staying in great shape long term is challenging. It can be difficult to find somewhere that can guide you every step of the way and support you to achieve your goals.


ICON Gym was founded with a desire and passion to make life better for locals wanting to lose weight and tone up.

We believe in making every day count and every time you visit ICON it should make a positive difference to you and your life while being the best part of your day.

ICON specialise in helping you lose stubborn weight, increase energy, and slow the signs and symptoms of ageing.

You may have been struggling with symptoms of the menopause, recurring injuries or just feel confused and overwhelmed with all the advice related to health and well-being that you are confronted with on a daily basis.

Our ICON-ic fitness system incorporates a simple yet effective plan of action to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

We offer a range of services including one to one personal training sessions, small group classes and group fitness. We support you with nutritional advice and a wealth of online resources to help you reach your goals faster and safer. Our tried and tested system will help you see consistent progress, keeping you motivated and interested long term.

Greg Mikolap

ICON Gym was created by Greg Mikolap as a way to improve the quality of life for as many women as possible. During his childhood Greg never enjoyed traditional physical activities. When he became interested in getting fitter and stronger he discovered ways to make exercising fun and enjoyable.

After spending time working as a physiotherapist in a hospital, he realised he wanted to have a bigger impact on lives and retrained as a personal trainer. Greg's mission was to help people avoid the injuries they may suffer from lack of activity as well as reap the rewards of better health and well-being. Benefits such as increased confidence, motivation and energy.

His biggest motivation is to show people it is possible to get in shape and enjoy the process without it impacting on every day life. He understands that we all face challenges sometimes and loves to help people overcome obstacles such as time, motivation and personal situations to achieve their goals.

"I believe everyone has the potential to improve the quality of their life, become fitter, stronger and more confident"

Greg Mikolap - ICON Founder and Head Coach

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How We Can Help You Succeed


Simple & Effective

We believe you should be rewarded for every bit of effort you put in to exercising. This is why we make sure that everything we do is simple and easy to follow. All our advice is based on tried and tested strategies we use to help our clients achieve the results they want and achieve their goals.


Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

ICON Gym is conveniently located in central Maidenhead, with parking available. Our short effective sessions start regularly at convenient times, we have made it as easy as possible for you to fit healthy choices into your everyday life. We provide commuter lockers and showers for those who need to go straight to work.



Our exercise programmes are designed to be varied so that you stay motivated and get to find what you really enjoy when it comes to getting and staying in shape.


Make Friends / Network

We may have mentioned it before, we LOVE our community of like minded and non judgmental members. They support each other in the gym and outside through our online Facebook group. They help pick each other up if they are feeling down and celebrate each others victories.


Premium Facilities

When you visit ICON Gym you may be surprised at the level of detail we aim for. We pride ourselves on the beautiful training facility we have created from the training equipment to the changing rooms. You will feel welcome and part of the family from the moment you step in the door.

Everything we do is designed to give you the highest chance of success.

Here’s What Others Have to Say

Stephen Smith

“Amazing place total change in my mindset, I've never known what I was doing at the gym and never got results. This gym is such good value for money when you realise all that you get and it makes you want to go.
My advice is give the trial a go and you will be hooked!”

Amanda Thompson

"ICON gym is amazing from the easy ICON app booking system with hourly slots, the trendy facilities and equipment (also very clean). The atmosphere is so really lovely and welcoming where people actually chat unlike every other gym I have been too. The personal trainers are very knowledgeable and are really fantastic at motivating you to challenge yourself. What I’m trying to say is this is the BEST GYM I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO and I have been exercising on and off for 25 years!!"

Helen Crosby

“A rare find, a no-ego, supportive environment with quality coaching and support for any levels of experience and fitness. Everyone at this gym clients and staff alike are friendly and genuinely care about each other.
The programming will help you meet your goals, and the coaching and attention is second to none.”

Take the First Step to a Fitter You, Apply for Your 28-Day Challenge Today


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