Time efficient

People have lives outside the gym and when you split your training up into something like a body part split where you do chest on a Monday, back on a Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, shoulders, arms and abs on Thursday and a cardio session on Friday you are committing to spending a lot of time in the gym.

And if something came up and you had to miss a session you would miss out an entire section of your training.

Doing full body sessions allows you to train less frequently but every time you train all your muscles are getting a stimulus and that means you can reduce your weekly sessions to a very manageable 3 a week and if you miss one, no problem really, because you haven’t missed anything out.


Doing full body sessions allows you to train less frequently with more frequency(bear with me). If I take you back the example of a split routine you will notice that any particular muscle group only get’s trained once per week. When you do 3 full body sessions you train every muscle group with triple the frequency. The more often you train a muscle the more likely it is to adapt(get bigger and stronger) and when you are able to train movements more frequently you will get better at those movements. Better at movements means more strength and more all round awesomeness.

If you do 9 sets of an exercise it would be a very intense session and as you progressed through the sets you would get fatigued and the quality of your reps would suffer. But if you took those 9 sets and then spread them over 3 days you would get the same amount of work done but you would have done those reps far better.

Recovery is often overlooked because people think no pain, no gain right? wrong! You need to be able to work hard but it’s ultimately more important that you recover from that hard work because recovery means adaptation and adaptation means progress. So when you can do 3 sessions instead of 5/6 you will be able to recover more effectively.

Very high calorie burn

Strength training does burn a few calories but when all the effort is focused on one muscle that calories burn isn’t very significant. When train all the muscles in your body that will obviously have a much higher calorie burn but full body sessions allow you to organise a session so that you are constantly moving. You can do a bench press and when you have done, do some squats. Entirely different muscle groups so while you train one the other recovers and boom, you are always working and your heart rate stays nice and high.


Because your sessions are far more efficient it means you can do 2/3 sessions a week rather than 5/6 and that means that you get more time to recover both physically from the sessions. And mentally, it’s not nice to feel like you have to spend almost all of your free time in the gym. Training should add to your life, not detract from it so when you’re in the gym you can work hard but then you have more time to spend doing the things you REALLY like.

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